Earthworks & Drainage

Drainage Repair and Earthworks

Perth Pavers also specializes in earthworks and drainage.  Earthworks are engineering works carried in and with granular soils.  It involves the movement of earth carried on by certified and well-trained contractors. Generally, driveway construction will require movement of earth such as excavation or stockpiling to create concrete driveways.

In addition to the actual construction works, we also specialize in design, calculations, building, repair, resurfacing, and maintenance. Our works are based on soil mechanics and concrete manipulation. Earthworks are vital for road and traffic route construction, which is why Perth Pavers have specialized on this area as well. Professional earthworks require good initial construction design, soil investigation which are going to lead, and stability analysis especially for sloping grounds.  Typical earthworks can include embankments, dams, ditches, and excavations.

For this reason, you need to hire an expert paver or concrete contractor.  For many years, Perth Pavers have worked with residential and commercial clients. We ensure you a job well done. Call us now for a free estimate.

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Best Pavers For Drainage – Perth Pavers

If you reside in an area that gets a lot of rain, you have probably noticed some flooding and mud pools occurring in your area. That is because water has nowhere to go. If you go for ordinary concrete or cemented pathways, it would be very difficult for the water to be absorbed by the ground. Because of this, many homeowners and townships turn to pavers to drain the excess water properly.

In Perth, majority of the roads and driveways for homes are made of pavers.  Pavers are permeable and are laid with small spaces into the ground instead of sitting on top. Because of this formation it helps drain t eh water quickly. This feature also allows water to run through them and back into the soil. Since pavers can drain water, it helps with flood prevention especially in towns with close-by estates. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, you can take advantage of pavers and their drainage abilities. You can use pavers for the following:

  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Patios
  • Pathways
  • Pool sides
  • Landscapes for gardens
  • Garden walkways
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Are Pavers Right For Me?

Pavers are a great way to help you control your water flow and water runoff. Before you build a hardscape for your home, thin about where the water goes. Perth Pavers can do a complete evaluation if your property, so you will know whether paver would be right for you. We can also provide the best recommendation for the type of pathways that can be utilized for your home. If you have a garden and you want to improve its curb appeal, you can add pavers. They offer a unique look that will keep water flow in order. And as a bonus, it helps your ground to quickly dry during the rain. But during sunny weather days, it also keeps it from being too dusty. Thinking about adding a paver on your driveway?  Feel free to contact Perth Pavers – the number one company for installing paved pathways and driveways. Give us a call so our team can provide you with a free estimate.

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